Why Is My PC So Slow?

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If gamers, graphic designers, and everyday PC users could all agree on one thing, it would probably be that nothing is worse than a slow computer. Aside from the seconds or minutes wasted staring at a loading screen, the most frustrating part can be determining why a machine has slowed down so much. There are endless possibilities as to why a PC can begin to perform slowly, but certain causes are most commonly seen. Has your PC slowed down lately?

You Downloaded a Virus

In some scenarios, the problem is not within the components of your PC but is coming from a virus brought in from an external source. Even when you have virus protection software installed, it is possible for your machine to contract viruses from websites & downloads. If you have noticed your machine slowing, you should first check for a virus as a precautionary measure even when it is unlikely. If they go unnoticed, viruses can quickly destroy more than just the speed of your PC. A scan is easy to do, and even if you don’t have a virus, it will at least rule this out.

You Have Too Many Startup Programs

New software & programs will typically present you with the option to open on startup when they are first installed. Your PC can slow down significantly if you have too many programs set to open upon startup. Even if you do not use all of the programs that open upon startup, they can still run in the background and slow your machine. Look into your settings and see if you have unnecessary programs opening on startup – This might include iTunes, Spotify, Microsoft Office, etc. Disabling this feature for only the necessary programs (like your antivirus system) should improve your machine’s speed.

Your Hard Drive & Memory Maxed Out

Even if your hard drive is not at 100%, the system can show signs of a problem before it hits that point. You can look into the backend of your PC’s settings & information to see memory analytics. If you are running close to full memory, you should clear out your trash folder & move large files to a backup hard drive. If you need larger software files for gaming or other everyday uses, you might consider upgrading your system’s hard drive. To avoid this problem in the first place, PC builders should carefully consider their memory needs when building a customized machine.

You Need to Reboot

When was the last time you actually turned the machine off? Although closing out of tasks is good practice, it does not provide the same system-flushing effect as rebooting. Regularly rebooting is an important part of maintaining your machine. This will close all open programs and can install critical system updates you might have been putting off or didn’t realize were needed.

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