What is Delidding & How Can It Help My PC?

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As the world of liquid cooling grows and advances, it has taken on different forms starting with beginners and ending with impressive experts who continue to progress the industry. “Delidding” is one way in which people are continuing to develop the world of liquid cooling. Continue on to find out more about delidding and how it’s changing the liquid cooling scene!

Once a builder has the ability to make a high-performing liquid cooling system, naturally, the next move to make is toward an even more effective system. This is where delidding comes into play. By liquid cooling a delidded processor, you make an even more efficient machine. Though seemingly self-explanatory, delidding means removing the lid from a processor, which isn’t necessary but can make a difference.

Delidding first became popular in 2011 when the Ivy Bridge microarchitecture came out. While the system functioned better than the previous generations and other similar models, the new generation caused a significant increase in temperature. These high temperatures caused overclocking issues and needed a solution. Several processors are able to be delidded other than the Intel models previously mentioned, including AMD’s Llano, Trinity, Kaveri and Richland generations.

In order to delid a processor, one typically replaces the TIM and after, puts the IHS back. You can also get rid of the IHS and instead, simply mount the cooler on top of the delidded processor. Delidding kits are available so you will have all the tools you need to successfully delid your processor but it is important to keep in mind that by delidding, you forego its warranty. For this reason, it is essential to move forward with caution and be sure you are qualified to perform the job without risking your system.


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