The Motherboard: Explained

The motherboard, also referred to as the logic board, is an essential part of any PC. Every other part of the PC is either installed directly onto the motherboard or is connected to it via a secondary connection. This allows the motherboard to serve as the center of communication between all of the PC’s parts. If you are building your own PC, any new parts, accessories, or modifications must somehow connect back to the motherboard in order to work – Even the keyboard & mouse! If you anticipate making a lot of additions to your PC, you should choose a motherboard with plenty of slots available for connection.

In choosing a motherboard, one must consider a variety of factors. First, there is the form factor – This is how the motherboard will physically fit into the computer case, and where each part will connect. Instead of choosing a motherboard based on the size of your case, you should work the other way around and choose a case to properly fit your motherboard. This prioritizes functionality over aesthetics & can allow you room for future expansion of your PC.

Every motherboard contains a central processing unit or CPU. The CPU is another necessary part to any PC – It serves as the brain through which any actions completed by the machine are processed. CPU’s differ in speed, and this will impact how quickly your machine will be able to perform tasks. PC builders frequently select a motherboard based on specific CPU needs.

The motherboard also contains the computer’s memory, including the RAM. A fast processor means nothing without equally performing RAM. In choosing a motherboard, you should consider how much RAM will be required for the intended use of your new PC. Gamers will want higher RAM storage, as well as a better graphics card.

All motherboards contain a cooling system to redirect heat & prevent the machine from overheating. Heat sinks & water blocks (the liquid coolant equivalent) are two common types of cooling options for PCs.

If you are stuck on exactly which parts you need to purchase for your PC build, it is best to seek the help of an experienced builder. Many online forums exist to share information & knowledge. If you would like to speak directly with a professional in the industry, Spartan Liquid Cooling is happy to help you select the perfect parts for your PC build!

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