The Basics of Liquid Cooling Your Gaming System or PC

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If you’re a gamer or a frequent computer-user, you’ve surely heard the term “liquid cooling” thrown around. Use our blog post to familiarize yourself with liquid cooling and see what all the fuss is about!

What is Air Cooling?

Air cooling is the system your PC or gaming system comes equipped with, which uses small fans to cool the whole system down. The air cooling system in most PCs works efficiently for the average user, especially in the first few years of use but if you are using your computer for more advanced activities such as gaming, air cooling may not be sufficiently cooling your system. If the heat in your PC isn’t properly dealt with, it will immediately begin harming your PC. Instead of getting rid of the heat completely, the fans simply work to cool down the air the same way a ceiling fan works to cool the hot air in your home. When there is a great amount of or significant heat, the fans have to work even harder to cool the air, which creates the noise you hear from your PC.

What is Liquid Cooling?

Liquid cooling is a newer alternative to the classic air cooling process. A more scientific approach, liquid uses thermodynamics, moving the heat from warm air and objects to cooler ones. This approach is called “liquid” cooling because it uses tubes that run cold air through the heated areas to cool them down. Though this system is more expensive than the air cooling system your PC or gaming system is currently equipped with, it will help your system work to its full potential, extend the life of your PC, and give you a better overall experience.

How to Liquid Cool Your PC

Need help liquid cooling your PC? Contact Spartan Liquid Cooling today and we’ll get you started! Whether you want to install a liquid cooling system yourself or you’d like us to do it for you, we’ll talk you through the process and help you get the products you need.

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