EK-Vardar F4-120ER (2200rpm) White


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EK-Vardar is simply the best choice for computer radiator cooling as it provides unmatched performance throughout entire operating range. The key characteristics of EK-Vardar fans are: High-static pressure / low noise profile – unlike other general-purpose computer cooling fans, the EK-Vardar family of fans is built specifically for computer liquid cooling systems, namely radiator cooling. The 7-fin fan blade design is optimized for high pressure operation while maintaining the low noise profile throughout the whole operation range of the fan. Vardar’s design and construction is also very suitable for high-performance heat-pipe air coolers. High-quality motor and bearing assembly – Proven electrical design, actively cooled motor windings and Double Ball bearing with 50.000 hours lifespan (MTBF) ensures uninterrupted operation for years to come. Phase-width modulation (PWM) fan speed allows performance on demand. Sealed-edge fan casing – The classic, yet effective square shape of the fan casing ensures optimal performance in either pull- (suction) or push (pressure) regime without hydraulic losses thus ensuring optimal cooling capacity of your liquid cooling radiators. Timeless design – the EK-Vardar fan fits subtly into any liquid cooling computer without drawing too much attention. Single- and two-tone colour design with monochrome fan sticker. Less is more. Mechanical and electrical specifications: – Speed: 2200 rpm (+/- 10%) – Rated Voltage: 12V DC – Power Draw: 2.16W – PWM Duty Cycle: 25-100% – ER – Extended Range – Connector: 4-pin PWM header – Shaft bearing: Double-ball bearing – Bearing durability: 50.000 hrs @ 40?C (MTBF) – Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm Performance characteristics: – Max Air Flow: 77 CFM = 131 m?/h – Static Pressure: 3.16mm H2O = 31 Pa – Sleeved cable length: 300 mm – Noise Level: 33.5 dBA

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