EK-RAM Monarch X4 – Acetal


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EK-RAM Monarch X4 is unique, extremely high flow water block designed to efficiently cool the Corsair? Dominator? and Corsair? Dominator? GT memory modules by replacing factory heat sink fins. This item can also cool any type & brand of computer DDR(-SDRAM) memory (of any generation) when combined with EK-RAM Monarch Module – Black (2pcs). This water block is able to simultaneously cool up to four DIMM modules at once. It is recommended for use on AMD AM2/3(+) & Intel LGA-115x/2011 motherboards. Top is made of quality POM Acetal while the base is made of CNC machined electrolytic copper. Enclosed: – EK-RAM Monarch X4 series waterblock – Installation Manual – Allen key 2.35mm

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