EK-Loop D-RGB LED Strip Dense – 200mm


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Replacement individually addressable D-RGB strip with densely packed LEDs that is used for upgrading existing EK products. The strip is 200mm long and features 30 diodes for 15 diodes per 100mm. It can replace standard RGB strips in CPU blocks, monoblocks, reservoirs, and pump-combos. The strip is connected via a 3-pin connector to supported 5V headers that are present on most modern motherboards.

Technical data:

– Connection type: 3-pin (+5V, D, Blocked, Ground)
– Rated voltage: 5V DC
– Number of LEDs: 30 (150LED/m density)
– Strip length: 200mm
– Strip width: 4mm
– Cable length: 500mm


  • Should not be used with 12V headers as that will damage the diodes, they should be powered exclusively by 5V headers.


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