Liquid Cooling System FAQs

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Liquid cooling is considered by many to be the preferred method of cooling for custom PCs. It offers more effective cooling than traditional alternatives, as well as aesthetic enhancement to your machine. Regardless of which cooling system & other parts you choose for your custom build, being well informed is key in decision making. We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about liquid cooling systems.

Will I need to Change or Refill Liquid Cooling?

All-in-one cooler systems do not need to be changed or replaced because they come pre-assembled, meaning the liquid is factory sealed and never exposed to bacteria or dirt. Custom loops will need to be cleaned out due to the build up of particles and bacteria. You can do this with distilled water or an assortment of pre-treated liquid coolant.

Do I Need Liquid Cooling?

You do not necessarily need a liquid cooling system but you do need some type of cooling system in a PC. The commonly used alternative to liquid cooling is a traditional air fan cooling system, but the downside to this includes the potentially disruptive noise of each fan. Liquid cooling is silent and works by moving water from the cooler parts of the PC to the warmer parts and filtering it through a fan system. It is thought by many to be the best choice because water transfers heat more efficiently than air.

How Can Liquid Cooling Effect My PC’s Aesthetic? liquid cooling bottles

Along with being more efficient at cooling than traditional options, liquid cooling has the added benefit of looking unique. You can choose the color of your lit up liquid cooling and will constantly see the glowing water flow.

How Does Liquid Cooling Save Space?

Installing a water block for liquid cooling allows you to change the graphic card into a single slot component. This means double computer power in the same cubic footprint. There is less space because you do not need a fan for each part that requires cooling, and the water block can exist externally. Saving space means that you can leave room for future parts or decide on more custom parts for your build.

Whether you are a beginner or are advanced in PC builds, the experts at Spartan Liquid Cooling are ready to answer your questions so that you can make informed purchases for your machine. We can be reached by phone at 810-SPARTAN or by email at

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