How to Cool Your PC: Air Cooling vs. Liquid Cooling

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Upon learning about liquid cooling systems, people often wonder why they need it in the first place if there is already a cooling system in their PC. Read along to find out the basics of both air and liquid cooling and why you should consider moving to a liquid cooling system.

Computers are constantly heating up and cooling themselves down. With heat as one of the biggest issues with computers, it is wise to invest in a system that will deal with this heat effectively. Unless you’ve made changes to your hardware, chances are you have an air cooler in your computer, which is essentially a fan and heat sink. When overheating, the fan runs faster than usual, attempting to cool down the hardware. The issue with this system is that it is only blowing hot air without a place for the air to escape. These fans are noisy; you’ve likely heard them running to attempt to cool down your PC when it’s overheating.

Liquid cooling, on the other hand, offers solutions to the issues that come along with air cooling. By choosing the parts that will make up your new cooling system, you can guarantee that your PC will have a much more effective cooling system. Not only will this system cool your PC much more effectively than the fans, but it will also do so silently. This will allow your PC to run at top performance without heat slowing it down. Scientifically, water is much more effective at transferring heat than air, up to 10 times more effective in fact. Most liquid cooling systems are relatively easy to install, consider this for your next project!

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