What is Delidding?

Mar 25 - 2020

So, in this article we are going to cover what is delidding of a CPU and its core benefits. Firstly, anyone who wants a high-quality, personalized PC should consider building their own computer. The process of choosing your own ...

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What Size & Shape Radiator Should I Get for My PC?

Mar 23 - 2020

Getting the best parts for your new PC will help it last the test of time. It’s only natural to put a lot of thought into things like the motherboard or what SSD to get. However, it’s easy to overlook smaller items, ...

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What You’ll Need to Build a Custom CPU Loop Solution

Feb 24 - 2020

There are countless benefits to building your own custom CPU loop solution. For starters, you can choose each part yourself, deciding which pieces are best for the product you want. Before beginning your build, decide which components you want to liquid cool and choose products to purchase from ther...

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Everything You Need to Know About Liquid Cooling

Feb 4 - 2020

There's no arguing it - Liquid cooling is a revolution for modern computers. The big question is what do I need to know about liquid cooling? Imagine a world where your computer processor stays cool ...

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Does Your CPU Water Block Orientation Affect Performance?

Jan 30 - 2020

Optimizing the performance of your PC is something that’s a priority to almost anyone who is already spending hundreds of dollars on building a custom PC. You want a PC that works fast, effectively, and performs the tasks that you require it to. For people who want ...

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5 Essential Parts to Buy When Building Your PC

Dec 19 - 2019

So many benefits can come from building your PC, with one of the biggest being the opportunity for full customization to create a machine that suits your individual needs. If it is your first time building, internet tips, tricks, & reviews are your new best friend! Here is a list of essential pa...

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Custom Built PCs

Everything You Need to Set up Your First Custom Build PCs

Each Spartan Liquid Cooling Custom PC is custom-built based on the unique needs of each customer. Whether you want to build a super gaming rig that can handle all the latest and greatest games or perhaps a powerful media center to power your extensive media collection, we have you covered.

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Why Liquid Cooling

Everything You Need to Set up Your First Liquid Cooling

The most common way to cool the modern-day components of a PC is by using airflow provided by the stock fans that come with your CPU & GPU. In order to cool your PC efficiently, these fans must run at a very high RPM & are very loud. One way to avoid loud fans is with water cooling. Water cooling not only eliminates the need of loud fans, compared to air-water is much better at transferring heat from components keeping your PC at a constant temperature.

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