5 Essential Parts to Buy When Building Your PC

So many benefits can come from building your PC, with one of the biggest being the opportunity for full customization to create a machine that suits your individual needs. If it is your first time building, internet tips, tricks, & reviews are your new best friend! Here is a list of essential parts to remember during this process:


The case is essentially the box that holds all of the other components of a PC. You will be able to open & close this case whenever necessary, even after your PC is fully built. Cases come in different colors and contain varying fans, ventilation, & lighting features to choose from. When buying your case, remember that you will need to select a size that will fit every other part you are placing in your new machine, and will also fit in whatever space you plan to keep it.


Your monitor will show you what is going on with your machine, and you will want to consider the factors of your everyday use when selecting this display piece. Be mindful when choosing a screen size & color resolution of which features you value most and what the programs you use typically call for.


The CPU, or processor, works as a graphics card within your PC. The faster your CPU is, the faster your machine will be. Consider whether or not you want to overclock your CPU – While it risks The CPU will fit into a special socket on your motherboard, so make sure these two parts are compatible.


All computers need a cooling component because the various parts connecting back to the motherboard produce a lot of heat. While many CPUs come with built-in cooling features, these fans move fast and can be loud. To optimize your PCs cooling, consider a water block or liquid coolant.


Also known as the motherboard, the RAM memory is absolutely essential for any PC. Every other part will attach back to this piece, and it will serve as a central managing hub for each piece. When selecting a motherboard, you will want to consider whether or not you plan to overclock your CPU, make sure it fits with your case selection, and that you buy from a reputable manufacturer. The best part about building your own PC is that you can continue to modify it at any point – So make sure your motherboard has enough slots and connectors for future building.

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