Drain Valve Tips

Installing a drain valve in the wrong spot or not installing one at all can make the liquid cooling experience a complicated one. By installing a drain valve in the proper spot and utilizing it properly, your PC will be running better than ever before! Here are some tips to ensuring the process goes smoothly.

Not Installing a Drain Value or Installing it in a Poor Location

The best location for your drain value is in the lowest part of your loop so that gravity pushes the coolant out. If your value is placed in a different spot, it can be difficult to ensure all of the coolants are completely removed from your PC after liquid cooling. Having a drain value on the far left end will help you easily drain all liquid from your GPU water block but compromises functionality and aesthetics.

A great rule of thumb is to also replace it when you do your yearly coolant swap!

What is Required to Make a Drain Port?

To create a drain port, you will need a free port that can be obtained utilizing a slitter. The drain port is best installed in the lowest point of the cooling loop.

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