Does Your CPU Water Block Orientation Affect Performance?

Optimizing the performance of your PC is something that’s a priority to almost anyone who is already spending hundreds of dollars on building a custom PC. You want a PC that works fast, effectively, and performs the tasks that you require it to. For people who want to know why their PC isn’t performing at the highest level possible, considering the water block orientation might be the next step. 

What is a CPU?

A CPU is the central processing unit of your PC. The CPU performs the instructions sent by your computer programs. This includes things like logic, controlling, arithmetic, and input or output operations. In other words, the CPU is vital to the functioning of your PC and computer programs. 

How to Place a CPU Water Block

A CPU water block is a device that you can install to help cool your PC more effectively. Typically, you install a water block in the way it comes in stock when you purchase, but you can also install a water block another way that’s referred to as “goofy”. A goofy installation happens when you rotate the water block 90 degrees from the original design and then place it into your PC. That rotation changes the way that the air flows through the water block and allows cooling to occur horizontally rather than vertically. 

Optimizing PC Performance

As we know, a water block helps cool your PC, but does it do so in a way that optimizes performance? The short answer is yes, it does! Water is better at cooling than just air ventilation because it has a higher heat capacity and better conductivity. When it comes to deciding which positioning of a water block best optimizes your PC performance, there are varying opinions. The differences between normal and “goofy” water block placement in terms of how efficiently they cool aren’t large enough to say definitively which is better. You should make your decision on how to place your water block depending on what allows easier access for the water block tubing in the PC. 

Buying Quality PC Parts

A water block is only effective at helping your PC performance if you have a good CPU. Do your own research and ask the opinion of more experienced PC users to determine which CPU is best for you and your PC needs. Be sure to shop CPU water blocks & more custom PC parts to receive free shipping on your order with Spartan Liquid Cooling

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