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Each Spartan Liquid Cooling Custom PC is custom-built based on the unique needs of each customer. Whether you want to build a super gaming rig that can handle all the latest and greatest games or perhaps a powerful media center to power your extensive media collection, we have you covered. We can provide you with everything from raw computing horsepower to whisper-quiet operation all while staying within your budget.

Increase your productivity without breaking the bank with Spartan Liquid Cooling high-performance custom PCs built specifically for you. Our custom PC’s can unlock new levels of performance without sacrificing long-term reliability.

The Alien Build

“It’s Scary Fast!”

“Nothing could prepare me for the final results. This is above and beyond my wildest expectations! Thanks Erik!”


The Superman Build

“The PC Runs Like A Monster”

“I was going to use a box store to do my build and then I came across Spartan Liquid Cooling and was immediately impressed. I can have my PC customized to me and my liking. Erik the owner is an amazing guy and knows his stuff. The attention to detail is insane. Everything is perfect, I could not be happier – and the PC runs like a monster! Thanks Erik!”



No one who takes their hardware seriously buys an off-the-shelf machine; they pick and choose the best components that fit their needs. When it comes to your custom PC build don’t leave it up to just anyone. Each one of our custom PC’s are handcrafted by us- the experts. We understand the ins and outs when it comes to your performance PC Spartan Liquid Cooling have been trusted in the industry to provide the highest quality. We have access to detailed temperature graphs, thermal linked LED lighting and automated airflow optimization. An array of temperature probes feed real-time data that calculate an optimal balance between thermal and noise.  We also have access to the latest technology and brand name components that can be easily upgraded or replaced with off-the-shelf hardware.
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Our Custom Builds

Predator Build

“These guys are phenomenal at what they do. I won’t go anywhere else!”

“I saw this build online and looked everywhere to see who built it and found out it was Erik from Spartan Liquid Cooling. I contacted Erik and asked if he could make a replica of the same build. Not only did he make it the same but he added a twist what I thought made it unique to me. These guys are phenomenal at what they do. I won’t go anywhere else. It’s true you get what you pay for and in this case so much more.”


Hercules Build

“If you are looking for quality over quantity, results over excuses, I highly recommend you go with Spartan Liquid Cooling”

“Erik from Spartan Liquid Cooling built me a custom gaming computer with an i7 6900, and two GTX 1080 SLI overclocked to 2,000 mhz each.  Included with this is multiple Samsung 850 Pro SSD’s with incredible speed, 16 gigs of Crucial Dominator Ram OC, and everything is liquid cooled with multiple pumps and a top of the line motherboard.  This was done in a custom wood case (with a worn antique finish), an entire glass side, and controllable lights and fans.  If you are looking for quality over quantity, results over excuses, I highly recommend you go with Spartan Liquid Cooling.”

-Steve Nash, President & CEO Boston Web Marketing

Batman Build

“Powerful, beautiful, and efficient, this is the best PC I have ever had”

“Usually when you buy a computer you throw it under a desk to best hide the generic tower and unsightly wires.  You might even throw it inside a cabinet in the desk so that you don’t have to look at it; leaving only the monitor, keyboard, and mouse in view.  With a machine built by Erik though you want it to be the centerpiece of an entertainment center.  The focal point of a room.  The unique physical features of my custom PC is a conversation starter.  That’s before we even hit the power button and get to the true beauty of the build.  Powerful, beautiful, and efficient, this is the best PC I have ever had.”

– Daniel

The Red Dragon

This custom PC build named Red Dragon was constructed using the following products:

  • Thermaltake p3 case
  • Motherboard: Z270 msi gaming m7 board
  • 16gb Corsair 3000mhz
  • CPU: I5 6700K
  • GTX 1060ti gpu
  • Power supply: EVGA g3 series 1000 watt

Custom Camo Build

This Custom Camo PC is built with EKWB parts as a tribute to our exciting partnership.

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