5 Signs Your Computer is Overheating

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Heat and your computer are two things that should not mix. Computers are specifically built to disperse heat as efficiently as possible. Why? Heat can destabilize your computer, causing it to malfunction and even causing permanent component damage. Here are a few things to keep in mind the next time your laptop or PC starts to heat up.

Can You Hear Your Fan?

The fan in your computer should start running when it heats up. If the fan is constantly and consistently running, though, there’s a problem. Most computers use a single exhaust fan to cool down, along with vents.

Where is Your Computer?

Many laptops today have small rubber “feet” that elevate the actual body of the computer a few millimeters off the surface of your desk. When you keep your computer on a soft surface like a pillow or blanket, it’s harder for heat to dispense properly, especially when you’re running programs that require a lot of energy. If you’re watching a movie on your computer while balancing it on the end of your couch and your computer’s fan starts to whir, take a popcorn break for a few minutes.

Slow Down to Cool Down

Put your laptop into power save mode, which will automatically cut down on the computer’s processes and help lower the temperature. You can also shut down programs temporarily that are using a lot of system resources— games, movies, and art software are often culprits.

Don’t Risk It

You may have gotten used to the feeling of a warm lap due to a constantly overheating laptop. Don’t get too comfy, though. A laptop that gets too hot can give you third-degree burns if you’re not careful, and it will definitely have a shorter lifespan over the long term. Heat can damage memory modules, hard drives, motherboards and more. Not to mention, overheated and malfunctioning electronics are one common cause of household fires.

How’s the Airflow?

If you keep your laptop on a flat surface and haven’t been running any energy-intensive program, then the issue might be dust and dirt that has entered your computer case and accumulated over time, eventually serving to both trap heat and get in the way of proper airflow. Check your computer’s manual to see if it is possible to clean dust from your computer by yourself.

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