4 Easy Ways to Optimize Your PC for Gaming

Nothing should be getting in the way of a serious gamer, but the last thing one should have to worry about is the functionality of their PC! Here are some quick and simple tips to keep your PC in top shape. Game on!

Cleanlinesslaptop gamer

Part of basic PC maintenance is keeping your machine clean. Dust buildup can significantly slow the function of a PC, and cause it to heat up faster. A can of compressed air will be your best friend here. Compressed air can be used to clean your keyboard and ports, as well as the internal fans of your PC when you open it up. You should also regularly wipe down the screen of your PC with a gentle microfiber cloth to eliminate dust from your view and disinfect your keyboard and mouse.

Adjust the Power Settings

If you go into the additional power settings in your PC, you should be able to select the “High Performance” setting. This will extend the battery life of a laptop that is meant to be used away from a permanent power source, along with getting your device to reach optimal speed.

Close Background Apps

Remember that automatic updates to your computer’s software or to games themselves could run in the background & impede your gaming speed. Updates could even require your PC to reboot when you are already using it. Automatic updates are another feature you might want to disable in your computer’s settings so that you can choose to install updates when you aren’t using your device.

Update Graphics Driver

Keeping your graphics driver up to date is key for gaming optimization. Ensure that your graphics driver works with your current graphics card. The power of the graphics card & drivers is the most important factor of a gaming machine. You also might consider overclocking your graphics card to slightly above the factory setting.

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